November 2023


A new way to transfer funds anonymously

While the volatility of cryptocurrencies is both attractive and potentially disruptive, the underlying technology behind them, blockchain, has the power to transform many sectors of our society. Let’s consider the easiest way of working with anonymous cryptocurrency right now!

The value of Bitcoin in decentralization

Even the monetary and credit policy of cryptocurrencies works in a decentralized manner. The work of miners, for example, includes verifying and confirming transactions but also ensures that new Bitcoins are added to the system at a predictable and constant rate.

Nowadays, the European Union exempted Bitcoin from VAT when exchanged for fiat currencies (i.e., regular money). Germany recognized Bitcoin as “private money” used by the user community for multilateral clearing operations. The trend of legalizing Bitcoin is a global trend, and this “world currency” is attracting more and more interest all over the world.

When do you need to mix coins?

Bitcoin’s lack of fungibility has forced its users to seek tools that can increase their anonymity. The most reliable bitcoin tumbler uses obfuscation techniques to protect users from blockchain analysis. In recent years, various centralized and decentralized implementations of Bitcoin technology have been proposed on the web because these methods portray a threat-free environment for users to maintain anonymity.

Bitcoin services offer the ability to hide user funds. Each user sends their bitcoins to the service and returns the other user’s inputs to a different address. There is a completely different transaction history associated with this exit. The mixer operator controls the service and knows about all the changes between inputs and outputs.

Also, the idea behind coin mixers in the crypto space is to preserve user anonymity and prevent excessive scrutiny and monitoring. The same applies to the sale of digital currency for fiat. Mix the bitcoins so that the buyer cannot track where the crypto came from.

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